Back Street Plaques & Other Spectacles Of Delight.

I was walking around the back streets of my local town just whiling away an hour or so whilst a problem with my car was being sorted.  I have to say that I’ve never been down that part of town before, well not on foot anyway.   It was quite an eye opener.  Firstly there were some large attractive faily houses dotted along these tree lined avenues.  I’d only ever driven past, noticing rather unprepossessing council houses – none too well care for by the look of it.   These oher private houses were of a very distinct design and one in particular stood out.  Arts & Crafts movement screamed out and when I looked through the equally impressive wrough iron gae and railings, behind the rather lovely shrubbery was a grand lawn was an attractive driveway leading from white gates much further along up the pavement side.  The view of the house can’t hae changed a lot over the years – just some cosmetic design alterations perhaps.  The lovely oak front door still risides in the neat little brick faced front porch.  There is a sweet little cast iron lantern with a baby stag welded to the lower portion of the lantern aove the door.  All this beauty designated and designed by a wonderful interior designer when the house was completed 1966.