Brownfield Gives Small Builders Big Planning Matters

When there are plots of land coming on stream for development, these will have been noted on the County Plan drawn up over several years by the local council planning committees and it is reviewed every few years.  At once time, if an area of land was not within the marked lines on the country plan, then it wouldn’t be considered for any planning application if the landowner sold it.  These days however, these regulations have been eased in certain area, especially where brownfield sites are concerned.  These are where existing buildings are no loner useable or needed and can be demolished to make way for small infill proejcts.

These smaller brownfield sites are more attractive to the smaller developer and builders as they generally need different approach to the clearance of site before work could begin.  The small builders forum is a facility for members of the industry associations to discuss and share knowledge on latest changes in laws etc.