Building Regulations Inspectors Are A Definite Benefit

There are many and varied forms of construction for buildings in this country.  The local planning bylaws are designed to ensure that no one just takes a plot of land and builds any old thing they fancy.  People have tried this, of course and in some instances some time later the local building inspector realises he’s been hoodwinked.  Inspectors become involved after the initial plans are approved.  There is often confusion at the outset, knowing the difference between planning approval and building regulations approval.  Planning approval is concerned with receiving permission from your local authority to build any new extension or new building.  Whereas bulding regulations approval is totally separate and just ensures the proposed structure is built to fully comply with current building regulations.  A major part of getting the approval in the first place is the benefit of a building inspector to carry out regular site visits.  This is when any contradiction to the plans approved should become obvious and remedial action taken.