Building Regulations Make Our Lives Less Blighted

One of the important differences between living in the UK and just about anywhere else in the world is our orderly form of buildings.  We are not allowed to just build what we like where we like and although this is probably a bone of contention for a small handful of folk, for the rest of us it’s absolute bliss.  We know that houses are only allowed after consultation and consideration by the planning authorities and when permission is granted, everything has to be within the legal parameters of our planning laws.  If anyone digresses from these, then the building inspector has a responsibility to stop the progress and if the matter is not rectified or resolved, it can end up at the high court.  In Cyprus there seems to be very little protection for neighbours – there is a sort of planning department, land registry is definite about boundaries but land owners can just about bung up any shape or sized building anywhere on their land, regardless of whether they spoil anyone’s view.