Converting Your Agricutural Vernacular

The most striking thing about some of the latest contemporary barn conversions is their incredible style and almost ruthless minimalism.  Described as agricultural vernacular architecture re-interpreted in a leafy, country lane setting,  I have seen many such conversions of late.  They all feature amazing fixtures and fittings inside – you enter the main door and find yourself in a light and airy entrance space – not even a room as such, but an entrance area.  . .  The main family room is usually open plan off this vestibule.  Depending on the plans submitted and passed, the kitchen is likely to be across one end or over half the width of the total.  If you have a barn and want to convert it – get an architect with the most recent modern experience of such work – they will get your plans passed by the planning officials much more smoothly as they know the ropes and the department.