Derelict & Abandoned Shells Given The Boot

There are so many new building projects dotted around the local town.  The old brown field sites are gradually being bought up, and new life is being pumped into these once ugly eyesores.   There was an old boot factory along the main road, because of a fire back in the 1960s, left abandoned, considered not worthy of expenditure.  3 floors, each with tall narrow windows along the side elevations and doorways with hook and pulleys above, halfway up the edge next to the roadside – for unloading the massive bales of leather and other supplies off the carts that came hourly at one time.  The silence of the buildings is deafening – no longer a clicking room or a finishing room in action, but some gorgeous newly built apartments fill the void. Beautiful open plan, completely fitted out kitchen, bathroom and ensuite bedrooms.  A real boon for this area as it brings professional working folk back to the town.