First Elements In An Interior Design

When professonals are invited to quote for any project involving interior design, there are 7 guiding priciples  they look to.  The phrases flair and creativity are fairly obvious but also the need to employ a certain amount of science comes into play.  The seven basic elements of interior design can be said to incude space, forms, line, colour, texture, light and pattern.   The art is to keep these in balance to create a pleasing interior.  Additonally in order to enhance any room, the use of these elements in harmony automatically bring in a further element, that of functionality.    All of the seven elements plus functionality will be used when assessing an existing interior – to disguise or play down an ugly or flawed area and to highlight by eally enhancing another area, taking the eye away.   Space is the defining factor in that you have to work within the boundaries of the room – unless the project will be including an extension of course!