Making Brick & BLock A More Airtight Choice

There are many different methods of property construction in UK.  Major housing developers are constantly upgrading their methods to include safer materials, more fire retardent for example or perhaps more heat retaining – which helps to offset the amount of energy used by a dweller later on.   They also have to incorporate every single new building regulation that comes on statute.   For smaller concerns, perhaps self build co-operatives or even individual projects, there are still several choices available – to suit all budgets and circumstances.   Brick and block for example is one of the most popular methjods and it involves traditional looking outer layer brick with an inner concrete block.  The gap, or cavity that is formed between these two layers is filled with very energy efficient insulation.  This gives a self build home a very strong wall with the added benefit of thermal and sound proofing qualities.   However, questions have recently been raised about  the airtightness of the brick and block method with timber framed and structural insulated panel methods showing strongly increased levels of airtightness.  Brick and block have countered this with sealed tape membranes.