Needing To Expand But No Wish To Move House

When a nice comfortable family house gets fuller and fuller, with youngsters taking over all the utility areas, hallways, landings and more, the inevitable cry goes up “this house just isn’t big enough” !  Then you start talking to the agents about the value of your beloved, but small, family home and look also at the ones for sale . . . .   it becomes apparent that for all the trouble and expense, you may not even be able to find a larger one with all the elements your famly desires, in your price range.

Engaging a design and construction company is a first step.  They look at all areas of your home and suggest ways to expand up into the loft maybe, and/or over the garage, out the back onto the kitchen.  Theyknow their way round local planning application laws and will advise what is easy to do and what might need more work. It could well be better than moving.