Niche Developers Beautify That Brownfield Plot

It is a strange thing that when I watch natural history or travel programmes on tv, the country still seems very open and not in the slightest bit overcrowded.  Yet when we drive around to various parts of the country that we’ve been connected to for many years, it seems as though every repeat journey witnesses a new section being swallowed up for house building.  It can make us feel under threat – we hear the phrase that this little country is too small for all the houses that the government insists we need.  However, when we see a single building project, say an infill development or a new complex on a brownfield site, it doesn’t seem in any way threatening because we are familiar with whatever was there before.  We all heartily cheer when any developer, construction based or connected with interior design, takes over an eyesore and plans to build something really fantastic and modern in its place.  This is what we need these expert niche practioners for – to beautify our streets and townships.