Noting Changes In Land Useability

This has been a very busy winter for houses coming onto the sales market in my immediate area.  The house design of rather comfortable executive style 4 and 5 bedrommed detached with integral double garage is on a nicely spacious plot takes up rather more land than would be allowed in today’s building frenzy.  This development was completed in the early 2000s and since then, financial and land restrictions have meant that no more big houses have come along.  Apart from those build to order on land acquired for the purpose by an individual.  You see on the house improvement programmes where folk buy and old bungalow and hope to get planning permission to knock down and rebuild – usually a huge great place.

It is right that forums and consortiums keep an eye on these planning matters so that no one gets away with building any old thing without control.  It ensures that land is used wisely in the future.