Plots Of Land Like Gold Dust – Plan Before You Buy

Whenever anyone is thinking of building a new property – especially from scratch, then there has to be an incredible amount of footwork up front.  Land is very much at a premium over here and there are very few parcels of land and for every one of those there will be ten or twenty developers constantly checking websites and land agent sites for news them coming to the market.  The usual route these days is to buy an existing property in need of a lot of reworking.   The plan is usually to demolish the old property and replace with brand new.  Before committing to the purchase, it is necessary to check with the local planning and building regs office at the local council to find out if they miht be sympathetic to an old place being ripped down and replaced.  They won’t give a yes at that stage but will often indicate a willingness to consider such an option.  If they know early on that this would not be to the department’s liking, they will hint at this.  Property developers and builders get to know the planners and if they go through the right channels, most ideas can be accommodated, so long as discussions are attended and advice adhered to.