Reshaping The Working Spaces Within A Home

When you buy a house on a large development, at first there doesn’t need any change to the property – it’s all divinely brand new and you revel in that luscious smell of paint and woodwork.  It’s only after a couple of years you realise the limitations of the design.  The ensuite is really the wrong way round – wouldn’t the basin be much more useful on the other wall, and the shower cubicle is just a bit tight.  The kitchen is usually first on anyone’s hit list for changing.  Mine for example has the gas hob down the narrow end – with only room for one person to cook.  Makes it a bit of a struggle when two folk are trying to prepare a meal.  The kitchen isn’t small, it’s just that the men designers don’t think ahead of when families want to work together in a room – not just mum doing all the work!  So getting an interior designer to look at the various spacial issues and suggest a new floorplan and working model is a really good idea – they can see the potential of every part of a house.