Small Plot Rebuilds Call For Some Stylish Glamour

I had occasion to drive through miles and miles of unspoilt countryside this week.  For months it has felt as though the entire country was being engulfed in this current frenzy of house building.  Where there were fields and pastureland at the sides of every major trunk road around here, these have been gradually swallowed up, replaced by thousands of new houses for the masses to live in.   What confuses me is, where are all these buyers currently living – and what has happened to all the second hand homes?

But as I say, this week showed that there is some farm land still free of houses.  There are 2 old bungalows just been sold near here and they are reported to be heading for demolition and rebuild.  Let us hope some imagination goes into the plans put forward for approval.  Something stylish and beautiful, perhaps a tad art deco would be fabulous!