So Many Ideas For House & Interior Design

I have a subscription for an online magazine supply –  where you pay a small monthly fee and access almost any publication known to man or womankind.  It is fantastic and I’ve idled rather too many an hour away recently just looking over the vast selection.  However, a couple of magazines caught my eye – property and furnishing ideas.   The market has shown some bouyancy this year and this is definitely reflected in the articles – how to make the most of your property ready for selling / renting out.  Showing owners the best way to highlight this feature or how to mask something that’s not so hot.  The new build construction industry has been working flat out for at least 4 years and yet more is still coming on.  Ideas for filling these new homes are also inspiring me.  Knowing what to look for and where is something I’ve gleaned from my new found hobby – plus a spreading rump!