Solid Reliable Methods Of Construction Pay Off

I’ve been happily listening to  american author and wit, who has lived in the UK for many years and become fascinated by everything that has made this country . . . . He’s written a book on  his quintessentially English parsonage – taking the reader right through from the earliest construction methods of prehistoric man, through the various civilisations and then to how our own properties developed from mass cave dwelling.  The book is supremely entertaining but primarily informative.  He takes us through each stage of development describing how this method took over from earlier ones and it really highlights the difference between our safe,thoroughly well built properties and those in the US – they are very flimsy in comparison.  The majority of houses in England and Wales are built with taditional masonry contruction.  It has served well over centuries and no one sees any need to lower the spec in any great form.  Timber frames are also critical to our build history and having many woods and forests in the country, it has been a natural means of housing quickly, effectively and relatively cheaply.