The Rise In Rebuilding The Second Hand Housing Market

There are a crop of houses in this immediate neighbourhood that have very quietly been sold without any hint of a sales activity.  No For Sale board forlornly calling out for interested viewers to come by.  The first it was known that something had happened was when the sold sign was installed for all to see.  The sold sign used to be kiss of death for a quick and incident free sale completion.     Not now though, things move very much faster than in the 1980s and 1990s when all conveyancing business had to be done in person or via the post.  Once the finance is in placed, in the form of an agreement from a mortgage provider, then things move incredibly quickly.

Once the new family are in pocession of the keys, in come the army of workmen to totally gut the kitchen and bathrooms ias agreed when the design studio came in quietly and quoted for that sleek new hi tech facility!