Virus & Visa Complications Create Labour Shortages

The world of construction has been hit by the continuing pandemic and the effects of brexit which could be far reaching.  There have been global shortages of steel and other commodities needed in the actual construction side.  There has also been a serious downturn in the number of building labourers available for the task.  The east europeans and Poles are extraordinarily good at brickwork and building in general. Very neat craftsmanship and a core understanding of the needs for speedy accurate work.  Unfortunately one of the lesser considered results of the brexit action was that so many of these craftsmen and women went back to their own country,and have not returned.  There are visa and entry restricitons – which is having a negative effect on the labour market.   Quite how soon the power that be will wake up to these problems is an unknown.  Hopefully they will resolve themselves sooner rather than later otherwise we may find ourselves with far fewer new builds than envisaged.