We’re A Nanny State But Wonderfully Safe

There are always new rules coming ou governing our lives in every aspect.  In a way that makes us one of the most nannied countries in the world.  I quite like that in a strange way.  Although on first consideration it seems annoying to have to wait for permission to build or extend, yet we knoiw that these little niggles are the very foundation of our fantastic safety record in property construction and interioir design.  Without these safeguards, who knows how many desperately tragic mishaps could occur.  We hear of massive construction accidents in Asia – whole schools and blocks of flats coming down.  This is directly caused by shoddy workmanship and fraudulent use of poor materials that are much below the standard originally ‘quoted’ for.  In some cultures, the cutting of courners to make an extra dollar is so ingrained into their mind sets that personal and public safety will never be adequate reason to stop – the corruption levels are far too set.   Sadly.