Housing Markets On The Up and Up

There is certainly a great deal of movement in the local housing scene.  The Sold signs are springing up along each branch of this very attractive estate of executive sized 4 and 5 bedroomed detached, with double garage, houses.  The development was started in the 1990s in the beginning of the post ‘black Monday’ crash of 1988 when the country found itself not so badly off and everyone thought they were worth a much bigger house than they’d put up with before.

Now in this current housing boom, which is sounding not dissimilar to the last ones, the sold signs are up without any For Sale boards even getting a look in.    The interesting thing this time is that more houses are being built and developments are being started at an amazing rate.  Frightening at times, it seems as though out small country will be just one huge housing estate.  Of course, it won’t be – construction is kept to very fine planning rules.