No More Large Bungalow & Garage Building

There cannot be many home buyers and owners in this country who have not at some time or another thought they’d like to expand the size of their property.  We all go through a stage of thinking that more space would solve this problem, or that.  Space is at a premium though in our tiny land.  We cannot afford to waste space on large sprawling one storey properties anymore.  In the 1920s and up until the 1980s, land was not at such a premium, so large bungalows with equally impressive garages were built in vast quantities.  I’m thinking of the area immediately near my own town – bungalow haven indeed.  The amount of land used up for these now much sought after properties was amazing.  As soon as one comes up for sale now, they’re snapped up – in fact agents have builders on their books just waiting for the next enquiry.  Land under those bungalows . . . .  pure gold.